Video Recording

Basic video services are available starting at $50/hour plus travel to location (if outside of the London, Ontario area.  Basic services include one camera (and operator) and the final project on DVD and delivered to you. 

There are no charges for production services (editing and DVD) for basic filming if no editing is required: you just pay for the recording time.  Editing is available at the rate listed below.

Available Services

  • Basic Recording (Single Camera, $50/Hour) (Plus travel if outside of greater London, Ontario area)
  • Multi-Camera Editing (Film your event from multiple angles)
  • Video Editing (Post-Production) ($50/hr)
  • Interviews (With Microphone)
  • Live Streaming to YouTube or Facebook
  • Still Images from Video (Freeze Frame)
  • YouTube Video Upload (Unlisted or Public)

Contact me about your event or production and we can see if my services are a good fit for you.



Some examples of events we are available to film include:

  • Corporate Events / Awards Ceremonies
  • Amateur sporting events (with permission of organization)
  • Theatrical productions for archival purposes (with permission of director / theatre).

Our standard turn-around time is one week.  Rush orders are available for faster turnaround.

Yes, we film in HD – – but the truth of the matter is that when we convert your video to DVD it’s no longer “really” in HD anymore.  If we were editing your video to be put on a blu-ray that would be different…  But if you want it on a blu-ray you’re going to have to go shop somewhere fancier!

It is possible that a produced DVD can begin to degrade after about 20-30 years depending on storage conditions.  If your video is being archived for long-term purposes you will need to find a solution for it before that occurs.

-We require a detailed itinerary of times and locations for filming.

-You must have permission to film the event (or have acquired permission to film the event).


While we are a discount video provider, we know that this video may be of incredible importance to you and we take our responsibility seriously in this regard.  If the video, as a result of equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstance, is completely unusable, you will receive a refund in full.

It is important to note that some elements of filming are out of our control – – for example, if a guest or photographer stands in front of the stationary camera or otherwise blocks our recording angle.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure we still get the appropriate footage in such an event and make appropriate edits to the final video if needed.