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Delaware Speedway Programs (2006-2011)

These beautiful books were produced for Delaware Speedway to showcase the track's drivers. The books were 32-pages in length.  Layout was completed entirely by John Houghton. The majority of the photos were provided by the track's official photographers, Promotions One & Maudsley Motorsports.


Checkered Flag Media has been known to record weddings and other special events.  Click here for sample video.


King's Players Theatre Company Musical

(January 2011)

A special purpose website for the King's Players theatre company for the launch of their January Musical.  Website served as a communications hub for the company hosting press releases, contact information, show times and ticket purchase information.

Delaware Speedway Website (2007-2009)


The Delaware Speedway website was designed from the ground up by John Houghton. This backbone served as the online presence for Delaware Speedway from 2007-2009 and was viewed by tens of thousands of race fans during this period.

The John Houghton designed website was no longer in use by the 2010 season as the speedway sought a new direction, however elements of the online infrustrucure are still in occasional use, such as the navigation module and many of the graphics from the original site.

Trivia Note: The website went through seven different versions during its use, only three of which were ever launched. This allowed for different layouts to be tested prior to launch.

Hyde Park Feed & Country Store (2008-)

This was a project put together in 2008. The website was to act as an "interactive business card". It needed easy to find directions and contact information and description of services and products. It also had to be accessible on dial-up connection.

The client has reported good success from this website, the first-ever online presence for the store. Occasionally first-time customers will drop in, having seen photos on the website, and walk straight to the back of the store for their item as if they have been there before!

King's Players Theatre Company (2008 Season)

This site was put together for the King's Players Theatre Company which operates King's University College at the University of Western Ontario.

Motorsports Videos

For samples of our recordings of events at Delaware Speedway, see our youtube channel located here.


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